The Company




        Established in 2011, Nita Marie is located in the cultural epicenter of Fort Worth, Texas. Conceived in a tiny fashion studio in the heart of downtown Chicago, Nita Marie initially began as a micro clothing line focusing on women’s fashion attire. Gradually it grew into a creative symposium that currently embraces and explores creative solutions across a broad stream of design sectors including costume design and interior design. Working collaboratively with emerging and experienced artisans across multiple fine arts fields, Nita Marie’s philosophical bedrock centers on fostering and sustaining creative endeavors amongst individuals and organizations. Our uniqueness lies in the innovatively diverse group of multi-talented minds that possess an ardent ambition to manifest their dreams in the fashion, art and musical scene. Ultimately, Nita Marie’s collective entity aims to imbue every client project with a tailor-specific level of ingenuity and finesse making us not just professionally trustworthy, but simply awesome.