Kennetha Perera, Designer + CEO


             The inception of Nita Marie began far back as 2009 in the fashion design studios at The Art Institute of Chicago. Even before I intrepidly pursued the intense and calamitous world of fashion at SAIC, a lot of the sculptures that I showcased at Texas Christian University industriously dealt with the duality of aesthetic design and textile fabrication. While the sculptures tremendously varied in form from wall to free-standing to floor works, what was invariable was the enticing and soft allure of the textiles that were incorporated into all my designs. Incidentally, it was also here at TCU where I met my husband, who back then, was a student pursuing a fine arts degree in painting all the way from the exotic island of Sri Lanka. This friend possessed painting skills that were incredibly psychedelic and harnessed a level of energy and compositional complexity that hypnotized viewers alike.

          Ten years on since our first encounter at TCU, our marriage has solidified not just our friendship, but two distinct ideas and artistry styles that flawlessly and naturally merge culture, art, and luxury into fashion. A cornucopia of styles and colors coupled with high-level design techniques and concepts, Nita Marie aims to introduce a brand of fashion that totally removes itself from the age-old cliché and irrefutably brings art and fashion together through a passion and commitment for the arts.

          My vision for Nita Marie isn't to limit it to exclusivity but to make it accessible. Art is known to possess a visceral power and if it can unify two people from vastly different parts of the world together, imagine the impact it can create for a globalized community where art can be shared and adored equally.