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Villa La Pausa

by Abby Schiewe |

As we would all do if we were at her stature, Coco Chanel designed a private villa from foundation to decoration on the French Riviera in 1927. She made several trips from Paris at that time to oversee its development; making sure every last detail was to her liking. Coco took inspiration from the Romanesque convent she was raised in and you can see her innovative and timeless style reflected in the residence. Her sophisticated aesthetic is in everything from the bookshelves lining the library to the chandelier in the foyer.
The pictures above were taken in the Dallas Museum of Art. The exhibition was modeled after the French Villa (and is nearly identical) and many of the pieces featured are the actual pieces in La Pausa when Coco Chanel designed it! The Dallas Museum of Art has beautifully portrayed Villa La Pausa and I definitely recommend to any fashion, art, and or history lover to take a nice long peek at this exhibition. I haven't always been one for history but you cannot tell me that seeing the actual dining room set that Coco Chanel ate breakfast on wouldn't make you swoon even the slightest bit!

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Dolly Python

by Abby Schiewe |

There's way too much going on, nothing makes sense, and 2 dogs can be found chillin' inside. A.k.a. everything a person would want in a thrift and antique shop. From fur coats and sequins to vintage trinkets and antique art, Dolly Python is the place where all things are found. Next time you want to find that one thing you didn't even know you were looking for, make sure you pay a visit to Dolly Python in all its preloved glory!

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Tell 'em, Deep Ellum!

by Abby Schiewe |

Although being developed in the early 1800's, one of Dallas's favorite entertainment and art scenes didn't even become what it is today until, well... today. Originally developed as a commercial neighborhood until becoming an industrial business hub in the late 1800s through the early 1900s, Deep Ellum didn't become an entertainment hotspot until the 20's. Even still, it wasn't until the 80's that the city allowed a handful of artists to graffiti on some of the walls.
But lo and behold, Deep Ellum has become a big ol' chunk in the right side of Dallas' brain. The unconventional, lively, idealist sermon of Deep Ellum is one that never gets old to its congregation. Each stroll down Elm street provides a new found inspiration; there's always something you didn't notice before. 


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