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Runway Dallas

by Abby Schiewe |

Runway Dallas is an event presented by Marcella Co. to bring together the likes of designers, stylists, models, bloggers, photographers, and buyers. The heart of Runway Dallas is to promote and market each creative individual involved to the rest of the fashion industry to help take them to the next level of their careers.
This runway show was beautifully organized with several designers showcasing their collections- which were all truly unique. Here is a taste of what I got to see last Saturday night; enjoy!

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All Together Now!

by Abby Schiewe |

I wouldn't call Aurora an art exhibition, but an experience. On one night every other year, the Dallas Arts District is transformed into a collectively random demonstration of art in the form of media, sound and light. Museums stay open late, local and international artists showcase their visions on the streets, and people lolly-gag in and out, to and fro until 2 am.
The 2015 theme being All Together Now starts from the concept of synesthesia- the joining of the senses. Artists provoked the 5 basic senses (touch, smell, taste, sight, sound) by using unanticipated materials and technologies. Some say that Aurora has evolved from its original intention but what is the purpose of art if not challenging conventional thought?

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