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The Mindful Triathlon

by Abby Schiewe |

"A Field Day for the Mind, Body, and Soul"
Well said. This morning, us Dallas yogis began Wanderlust 108 with a 5k, followed by a yoga class, guided meditation, and we finished with some randomness. There were electives such as ariel yoga, slack-lining, food trucks, a kombucha garden, and booths to shop at. (I bought 2 super cute shirts that I promise I needed!) 
People of all ages participated in the Wanderlust event and if you weren't already planning on it- you should definitely go next time and link up with the more mindful and vibrant community of Dallas.

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When in Dallas

by Abby Schiewe |

When in Dallas, one should visit Deep Ellum, have dinner at Reunion Tower, go to the original Neiman Marcus, at least pretend to be a Cowboys fan for the time being, and take some time on the Katy Trail.
Back in the day Katy Trail was just another railroad track. But in the 90's some locals suggested it be made into what it is today; it goes on for 3.5 miles through some of the nicest parts of Dallas and some choose to trek it by rollerblading, jogging, or like me- walking my favorite animal.
In delight of the warmer weather coming along, take your lunch break or your usual workout to Katy Trail and get yourself some vitamin D!

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New Year, New Closet

by Abby Schiewe |

I wouldn't call myself a minimalist. My makeup bag is full of stuff I don't use, I don't have fresh white, pillowy sheets on my bed, and you won't find an Instagram full of "candids" from me. But one minimalist-inspired process I have recently began is the trimming of my closet. I gave away most of my things and kept only the necessary closet staples- such as a plain white tee, fitted skinny jeans, a good pair of booties and so on. Now when I shop I don't purchase something just because I think it's pretty; I'll only buy it if I have several outfits in mind I could create with it and if I know it'll last more than a season.
I assumed that styling would be boring and repetitive with a minimal closet; it has been challenging to avoid re-wearing an outfit within the same week but it's encouraged me to get creative and think outside the box. I'm a big fan of black, white, and gray pieces because they make it so easy to put an outfit together! I avoid being monochromatic and I'd recommend buying items with different texture or style so that the ensemble doesn't become too muted. And no one ever said that a minimal style could only be neutral colors- I have my eye on a burgundy colored coat and a pair of snakeskin-printed heels! But anyway, minimalism can be fun and it also wouldn't hurt if most of us downsized a bit in our overflowing closets.
Goodluck (;

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